The Services for Non-Fiction Authors Serious About Their Book AND Business Success

While our services are ideal solutions for the right client, they’re not for everybody, including those who wish merely to buy their way onto a best seller list (we don’t do that kind of work, nor work with those kinds of people) or for fiction authors, who really require different services than ours.

The following services work best for non-fiction authors who see the big picture and are willing to commit to making their book a success.



An Uncovery is a strategic planning session where we plan your book campaign and create a roadmap to your publishing success. This is an ideal Promote-A-Book engagement if you’re on the fence about a New York Times Best Seller Campaign or if you’re interested in our beyond-the-book Platform Building services. Cost of the Uncovery can be applied to follow-on NYT Best Seller campaign.

Price: $20,000

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Digital Best-Seller

Become a national bestseller. This service is perfect for authors just getting started or who want to make a name for themselves without breaking the bank.

Price: $35,000

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New York Times Best-Seller

Becoming a New York Times bestselling author reflects the pinnacle of publishing success. This service requires the use of a traditional publisher or co-publisher model with distribution to traditional bookstores as well as an already-established network and promotional platform and a minimum year-long commitment. All NYT Best Seller Campaigns begin with an Uncovery and proceed from there.

Price: $35,000 upfront + $60,000 in bonuses
(client agrees to meet all 5 NYT standards)

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