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The New York Times best-seller list is the most prestigious such list in the world. It nearly guarantees a step forward in your plan for success whatever that might be. With this service Promote A Book will work with you to plan, manage, and run your New York Times bestseller campaign with the full intention of putting you on the list.  Promote A Book's process is proven, and we are 124 out of 124 in getting books on the best-seller list.  
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With a NYT bestselling book to your name you will be able to:

  • build your legacy,
  • increase sales and conversion,
  • gain more media attention,
  • increase your speaking and consultancy fees,
  • increase exposure for your cause,
  • Increase the success of a product launch,
  • establish yourself as a go-to subject matter expert.
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Do you want to take things to the next level? Exploding your exposure and creating a competitive edge.

If you are ready to marshal the resources necessary to mount a national campaign that will land your book on the New York Times then this might be the service for you..

Promote a Book has a 100% success rate when it comes to promoting our authors to the national bestseller lists like the New York Times.

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What Having a New York Times Bestselling Book Can Do For You

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Becoming a NYT bestselling author changes everything.

Oftentimes a NYT bestseller campaign is more about reaching your business goals than selling books. When a bestseller campaign is properly tied to the authors business goals, like a product launch, a NYT bestselling book can grow their business exponentially.

92 permanently increased revenue by $1 million a year Five by $50 million or more Two by more than $100 million

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Make a Name

Becoming a NYT bestseller will give you what you need to make a name for yourself, skyrocket your credibility, be recognized as a subject-matter expert, raise your speaking fees and massively raise your public profile in the media.

What kind of difference do you want to make in the world? The bigger the difference the better.

Being a NYT Bestselling author will significantly raise awareness for you and your cause.

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This service is for any non-fiction author who wants to be at the top of their field.

  • Influences and thought leaders with large audiences and larger ambitions.
  • Consultants and coaches seeking massive growth.
  • Business owners and CEOs.
  • Subject matter experts.
  • Celebrities or noteworthy figures.
  • Philanthropists.

If you write fiction, have a business with less than 12 employees, write childrens or Young Adult books, or are an academic, then our digital bestseller service will better serve your needs and ambitions.

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In a nutshell, we do the heavy lifting to place your book on the New York Times bestseller list. We work with you, and your publisher, to plan, engineer and execute a campaign using proven and established processes. We show you how to meet the rigorous standards the New York Times requires before they place a book title on their bestseller list.

  • We begin with an Uncovery, which is a strategic planning session where we work to ensure that your campaign helps you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Making the NYT Bestseller list is a means to an end, and we want your campaign to end giving you what you need.
  • Then we work with your publisher to plan your campaign.
  • We work with you to make sure all the NYT strict qualification standards are met.
  • As your book promotion officially launches we help coordinate the timing and location of sales so that your sales get reported correctly and that your book makes the lists.
  • You make the list
  • Then we pop a bottle of champaign! You are now a NYTs Best-selling Author

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In the publishing world, the New York Times bestseller list is recognized as the most prestigious because its standards are the most difficult for an author to reach. The New York Times does not only rely on sales numbers but insists on proof that your book is impacting society.

Just getting started? Not quite ready for the New York Times? The Digital Bestseller service might best serve your needs.

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Don’t expect to get rich from your book sales, but understand that the effects of being a New York Times Bestseller will give you explosive success in your business. This NYT Bestseller service is a platform-building and business-expanding service that lasts from 12 to 24 months, depending on how finished your book is and whether or not you have a publisher.”

  • If your book is not written, or if you don’t have a publisher it may take longer. Promote a Book can assist in finding a publisher and a publishing model that works for you as well as in the process of writing your book.
  • When your book makes the NYT list, those results are immediate, but the lasting impact on your business will vary depending on your business and how ready you are to seize on the opportunities making the list can bring. Typically you will know within 6-9 months how much making the NYTs will impact your goals.
  • If you do not already have a significant audience, the process may take up to two years. Because the New York Times requires standards are high, it may take longer to build your media platform large enough to meet the standards.
  • If you are just getting started and want to start smaller, take a look at our Digital Bestseller Service.

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    • We start with an Uncovery. Uncovery is the planning and campaign engineering process we must go through with each author to maximize your chances of making the list, and more importantly, reaching your success goals.
    • After Uncovery, we present our plan. We proceed to work with the author to oversee the implementation, the Uncovery plan.
    • Each campaign involves circles of influence, we look at the author’s relationships and their depth. We are interested in online social proof, and visibility in the marketplace. We will work with you to leverage your relationships first.

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Here is the reason it is the most exclusive and respected bestsellers list in the world, because it takes more than selling books to make it.

  • Distribution — No fewer than 10,000 books on shelves
  • Sales — We need to pre-sell 20,000 copies of your next book so that I can distribute those sales between the right retailers, in the right time frame to ensure compliance in reporting by the retailers, and to ensure the highest percentage of sales are being counted. Of the 20,000 units, 10,000 must be individual names and addresses, the remaining 10,000 orders can either be bulk or individual sales.
  • E-book sales — last year the New York Times eliminated its e-book list, but it now has it as a standard to qualify. You’ll need 10,000 ebook sales during the timeframe we run the print sales in order to qualify. As discussed on our call, to avoid bastardize hardcover sales with Ebook sales my team and I have a book club that we can use, at cost, as a solution.
  • Online social proof — The New York Times wants to see discussion around your book online to justify why people are buying your books:
    • 350 blog reviews
    • 90 podcast interviews
    • 50,000 Facebook engagements about the book
    • 50,000 Twitter engagements about the book
    • 50,000 Linked In engagements about the book
    • 50,000 Pinterest/Instagram engagements about the book
    • 50,000 people engaging on your website about the book
  • Traditional Media — Finally the New York Time is looking at how extensive your traditional media campaign is.
    • 100+ Radio Interviews
    • 100+ TV Interviews
    • 100+ Print Articles

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The Promote a Book fee for a New York Times Bestseller service is $35k upfront and $60k in bonus due when you hit the NYT and other bestseller lists.

Of course, our fee is only part of the total cost of a NYT bestseller campaign, you must invest in other areas like book printing and media buying. It is not uncommon for a total out-of-pocket cost to run a NYT bestseller campaign cost the author up to 2 million. This is why your campaign must be part of a plan to increase your business or achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a bestseller.

If this cost is out of your budget, there are other ways you can promote your book and get your voice heard on a larger scale. Check out our Digital Bestseller service.

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